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Paulina Taylor

The man, the myth, the… wait… the man?  Yeah.  Darren is good people and the marketing genius behind the Paulina Taylor persona.  Still rock’s it from time to time but mainly is one of the two people behind Insominac Productions (of EDC fame).  3 Tapes give a good musical journey from 93 to 98 UK (Bouncy Techno) and Dutch (Happy Gabber) Hardcore and was a huge inspiration to me:

  • Bounce (Side A / B) – One of the best mix tapes I’ve ever heard from any genre.  Mostly 96-98 bouncy anthems.  This tape is a little messed up, side B actually starts around 7 minutes into the second MP3.
  • Smiling (Side A / B) – A lovely blend of Happy Gabber, Jungle and some nicely placed 80’s remixes.
  • Smile (Side A / B) – The first in the series and one that (to me) is the most memorable.  Unique tunes from 92 – 95 that take advantage of the UK Jungle movement from 88 – 92.  Most of this is considered “breakbeat hardcore”.
  • Bootleg Tape – A tape that Darren made and copied for my brother who in turn gave it to me.  This is my favorite tape from Darren really.  Introduced me to UK Partycore which is not quite Gabber, not quite Bouncy… just fun.


Few from myself which are all over the place:

  • Freedom Thru Musik Promo – Hour long set made for when I was signed to the Freedom Thru Musik team.  Prolly the most “latest” I’ve got.
  • Slippery When Wet – Easily my most popular set.  Starts off anthemy, get’s a bit more rough in the middle and fishes off touching into the “trance core” movement of 1999/2000.  Sold all 500 copies I dropped off at Swell as a promo to the Night Under the Stars Show we threw in 2001.
  • Stop Eating Animals – An omage to Smiling really and my first official CD.

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