Summer Sessions 2013 is a Reality!

For the past few years I’ve wanted to throw an event around my birthday.  Nothing big, just get some of the old gang together and play records that we love to an audience while drinking beer and having a good time.  The hitch has always been finding a venue that was supportive for this type of environment without a huge overhead requiring me to call in favors from everyone I know to run the door and shelling out an arm and a leg for permits and security.  And that doesn’t get into a bartender!!

Then I finally found a venue in the Rocky Point Cantina, a place that I used to meet Kinzo at after work and drink Carona’s all day while eating nacho’s and we were out $20 back when it was the Dos Gringo’s Trailer Park.  Scott over at RPC seemed pretty receptive and is changing up from the usual Punk or Metal show and is happy to put on some Drum and Bass for our little exhibition of 2-step.

Interested?  Good.  Checkout the Event’s page for more information and tell your friends!  Very little advertisement will be made for this event so we’re relying on word of mouth!  We’ll make it worth your while.  Trust us.


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